Thank you for considering to enrol your child at Orewa North Primary. Please consider making an appointment to meet with me to discuss further the needs of your child/ren and to learn more about the educational opportunities at Orewa North.
For those enrolling a child due to turn five, and to enter the primary school system, I encourage you to take advantage of our pre-school visit that is designed to assist children with the transition from preschool. This can be organised through the school office in association with the new entrant teacher.
Orewa North Primary opened on the 22nd May 1978 and is a primary school catering for children from Year One to Year Six.  The current roll is approximately 390.
The School endeavours to provide a friendly and safe environment for the children to carry out their learning. It is the aim of the school to develop children with a good, sound grasp of the skills and knowledge required to provide the platform for future learning.
Through the programme opportunities children receive both in and outside the classroom we aim to ensure children gain the self confidence to progress and achieve at their individual level.
It is important that a co-operative partnership between school and home is achieved to assist children to reach their potential. The School programme of reporting on children’s progress will involve at times, parents, teachers and children discussing how they can work together to help children reach this potential.
It is vital that parents become involved in their children’s education by at least finding out what they are doing at school. We welcome and need parental involvement to carry out aspects of school programmes and being involved in groups such as the Parent Teacher Association is a way of assisting the school.
The staff and I are committed to providing a quality education that is enjoyable for children and their families.​

Tips to prepare your child

Tips to prepare your child for starting School as New Entrant

These notes are a guide as to the types of things parents can focus on with their children in the time leading up to their start to assist with a successful transition into primary school.

Reading to Your Child

The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children. If you haven’t already done so join the local library and regularly take your child to select new books.

Life Experiences

As a family make sure you take the time to go out and do things together. Children benefit from experiencing as many things as they can which increases their life experiences that they bring into their learning at school. Visit the zoo, the beach and all those other great places we have in our local environment.

Talk to Your Children

In our busy world surrounded by technology it is surprising the number of obstacles we have talking with each other. Have times where you turn off the television and computer and talk to your children. Use the experiences above and times of reading to talk about and have children express their feelings about the book you are reading to them or the place you have visited. Successful oral communication is the foundation of so many things children learn at school.

Social Interaction

Although the majority of children will learn to play and interact with other children through some form of Early Child Education Centre it is important to ensure that they have as many experiences of being with other children whether this is with brothers and sisters, cousins, neighbours or children of family friends. Through these types of situations children learn the importance of sharing and taking their place. Children also benefit from an understanding of what the word “no” means as they move into the world of being involved with others.

Other Useful Things To Work On

  • Knowledge of colours and shapes.
  • The numbers 1 to 10 and letter names and sounds.
  • How to hold a pencil.
  • How to use scissors.
  • How to flush a toilet and wash their hands.
  • How to blow their nose rather than just wipe it.
  • How to tie laces if not wearing Velcro.

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