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The school teaching programme is organised around the essential learning areas based on the National Curriculum.

Children work to the achievement objectives in all three strands of the English Curriculum: Written, Oral and Visual. Strong emphasis is placed on the areas of reading and writing to ensure students develop a good foundation for future learning.

The school mathematics programme is based around the Numeracy Project that has been developed to ensure students have the knowledge and strategies to understand the Number Strand from the curriculum. Children will work with the other strands of: Statistics, Geometry and Measurement and Algebra each year as well.


Booster Programme: The schools runs a series of programmes to help support the learning for students with a particular focus in the areas of numeracy and literacy. Included are: Reading Recovery, Quick 60, Word Shark, Talk to Learn and COSMIBRIC.
Integrated Topics:
To ensure a balanced coverage the school has developed an Integrated Topic approach to cover the curriculum objectives in Science, Social Studies, Health and Technology. The school has developed a programme that has a school wide concept that forms the basis for the learning in these areas each term.

Character Education:
The school has adopted the Cornerstone Values programme as its approach to character education. Each term a value is the focus of attention and over a two year cycle all eight of the following values are covered: Honesty and Truthfulness, Kindness, Consideration and Concern for Others, Compassion, Obedience, Responsibility, Respect and Duty.

Left: Feeding a South American Axolotyl

Information Technology:
The school has an Information Centre with a number of computers that enable students to work on developing their skills relating to Information Technology and being able to access the global world of information. ICT equipment is increasingly being used for learning and as a teaching tool across the school.

Physical Education:
The programme at the various levels include large and small ball skills, athletics, gymnastics, swimming and cross country.

The swimming programme, as well as focusing on swimming skills, also has an emphasis on teaching the children safe practices and water survival. We currently use the HBC Leisure Centre for junior school swimming and the seniors are involved in a beach safety programme. A charge to cover the hireage of pools is required.

Students doing a training run

Regular fitness is done by all children using a variety of activities such as skipping, running. exercises and use of the school Fitness Trail.

Each year school events are held for swimming, cross-country and athletics. The school participates in the events organised by the Hibiscus Coast Schools Sports Association. School Netball teams participate in the local Saturday morning competition. The school regularly has teams playing in local basketball and touch competitions.

Kapa Haka group

The Arts:
The School has an Art Programme that ensures a range of skills are covered over a period of time. In addition, Dance and Drama are integrated with other curriculum areas as well as being done separately.

Children receive music activities within their classes and Syndicates. Children from Year 4 have the opportunity to have private tuition with a range of musical instruments through the Musiqhub programme.
Outdoor Education:
The School has developed a progressive programme that has children receiving experiences outside the classroom. The programme includes hiking, cooking meals over an open fire and setting up a complete camp site using the School tents and cooking equipment.

Playing in a music ensemble



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