What's On - Term 2
  1. Tuesday February 7
    Start of Term
    Welcome to Term 1.
  2. Each Monday
    Become a part of the musiqhub programme and join the school band! We are taking enrolments for children who will be in Tui and Weka in 2017 and are wanting to learn clarinet, trumpet, flute, guitar, snare drum or saxophone. Please note that not all instruments are available to every year level. If you are interested in finding out more, please register your interest this week or bring your children along to our “Have a Go” day early next year where they can try out the instruments. The Have a Go day is on Monday 13th Feb and you can either come directly after school at 2.45pm, or in the evening at 6.30pm. You can contact our musiqhub teacher, Joanne Slagel on 027 3408 398 or joanne.slagel@musiqhub.co.nz
  3. Each Monday
    Kapa Haka
    Children of all ages can join the Kapa Haka group. They perform at school events and are at times also asked to perform in the wider community
  4. Thursday April 13
    Term 1 Ends
    School finishes at 2:45 pm. Enjoy the holidays. We'll see you back for Term 2 on Monday, May 1.
  5. Thursday March 2
    Weka Swim Trials
    10:30 am to 2:00 pm Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre
  6. Tuesday March 7
    Weka Trip to Auckland Museum
    As part of an inquiry science unit called "It's Alive!" Weka students will be visiting the Auckland Museum for a guided tour and teaching time to look at their bugs and beasties.
  7. Thursday March 23
    School Photographs
    Professional Photographers will take class, individual and sibling photographs
  8. Thursday March 16
    PTA Meeting
    7:00 pm in the staffroom
  9. Tuesday March 28
    Board of Trustees Meeting
    7:30 pm in the staffroom
  10. Thursday March 30
    Inter-School Swimming
    Year 5/6 Swim Team
  11. Monday March 27
    Year 6 Beach Day (Orewa Surf Club)
    Year 6 students will have a fun time at the beach and can learn to surf
  12. Wednesday April 12
    Teacher-Parent-Student Conferences
    Student Conferences are running from 1:30 pm to 8:00 pm
  13. Monday April 3
    Fantail Goat Island Trip Area 6 and 9
    Area 6 and 9 children are going 'Into the Deep', exploring life under water at the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre
  14. Friday April 7
    Fantail Goat Island Trip Area 5 and 8
    Area 5 and 8 children are going 'Into the Deep', exploring life under water at the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre
  15. Friday March 31
    Tui Athletics Day
    Tui children test their athletic skills
  16. Monday May 1
    Start of Term
    Welcome to Term 2