Term Dates


  • Term 1: Wednesday 3/2/21 to Friday 16/4/21
  • Term 2: Monday 3/5/21 to Friday 9/7/21
  • Term 3: Monday 26/7/21 to Friday 1/10/21
  • Term 4: Monday 18/10/21 to Wednesday 15/12/21


  • Term 1: Thursday 03/2/22 to Thursday 14/4/22
  • Term 2: Monday 2/5/22 to Friday 8/7/22
  • Term 3: Monday 25/7/22 to Friday 30/9/22
  • Term 4: Monday 17/10/22 to Thursday 15/12/22


These programmes run during school hours. Children must enroll to participate:

Mondays: Musiqhub
Individual lessons and Band programme available for enrolled Tui and Weka children wanting to learn clarinet, trumpet, flute, guitar, snare drum or saxophone.

Mondays: Kapa Haka
Children of all ages can join the Kapa Haka group. They perform at school events and are at times also asked to perform in the wider community.

Mondays: Performance Net

Drama classes are available for students to enrol in. Please contact Performance Net if you are interested in your child attending.

Wednesdays & Thursdays: R & B Music Tuition
Individual and shared lessons available for enrolled children wanting to learn Piano and Drums.

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