What's On - Term 3
What's On This Term

​​​​Regular Meetings

  1. Kiwi Friday Fundraiser Ice Blocks $1
    Fridays for the next 5 weeks (to 16/03/18)
    Sold at Lunch Time. Please bring correct change
  2. Weka Swim Trials
    Thursday 8/3/18, Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre
    Weka children are having their swimming trials to advance to our School Swim Team
  3. Meet The Teacher
    Thursday 22/2/18, 5:00 - 6:00 pm
    Let your child introduce you to your teacher and have a chat to staff and other parents in a relaxing atmosphere This area is 100% editable and you can use it to say whatever you wish to your website visitors. All the images are fully editable so you can add your own to customize each page.
  4. Kapa Haka at Boulevard Festival
    Saturday 17/2/18, afternoon
    Our Kapa Haka group will perform very ably led by Whaea LeeAnne Wade and Whaea Leeanne Wilson
  5. Get Wise Financial Literacy Programme
    Monday 5/3 to Wednesday 7/3/18
    ASB has organised financial activities with children across the school
  6. Digital Fluency for Weka Students
    Wednesday 7/3/18, all day
    Kate Friedwald (MOE Facilitator) will be working with Weka students and teachers
  7. Kiwi Trip to Auckland Zoo
    Tuesday, 6/3/18
    Lots of fun with the animals for the Kiwi Syndicate
  8. HBC Schools - Inter School Swimming Competition
    Thursday 22/3/18
    Inter School swimming event for our Swim Team
  9. Class and Staff Photographs - Photolife
    New Date: Thursday 5/4/18
    Time to smile into the camera
  10. Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
    Thursday 12/4/18, 1:30 to 8:00 pm
    Book a 10 minute slot online with your teacher to find out more about how your child is doing at school. More information is in the School Newsletter
  11. MusicHub Band Programme "Have a Go" Day
    Monday 12/2/18, 2:45 or 6:30 pm
    Come along tho the "Have a Go" day of MusicHub, our band programme for Tui and Weka children. Try out the instruments, meet the teacher and find out more about the programme
  12. MusicHub Lessons Begin
    Monday 19/2/18
  13. Hearing and Vision Testing
    Friday 2/3/18
  14. Term 1 Ends
    Friday 13/4/18, 14:45 pm
    School finishes at 14:45 pm. Enjoy the holidays We'll see you back for Term 2 2018 at 8:55 on Monday 30/4/18
  15. Te Reo and Kapa Haka Begin
    Monday 12/2/18

Board of Trustees​

Tuesdays, usually Week 3 and 8
each Term
7.30 pm at the Meeting Room
(unless otherwise stated)


Board meeting 


Board meeting 


Out of Zone Applications close (for terms 2 to 4) 


Out of Zone Ballot (for terms 2 to 4) 
if necessary 

PTA Meetings

Meetings are twice each Term
1.30 pm at the Staff Room
(unless otherwise stated)





Regular Programmes
​during Term Times​

These programmes run during school hours. Children must enroll to participate



Individual lessons and Band programme available for enrolled Tui and Weka children wanting to learn clarinet, trumpet, flute, guitar, snare drum or saxophone


Kapa Haka

Children of all ages can join the Kapa Haka group. They perform at school events and are at times also asked to perform in the wider community

  Once a Week

Dance Group

Fun, modern dance classes for enrolled year 1-6 girls. 3 groups, each meeting one lunchtime a week, during term 4. Special performance at end of term