Weka Team


Weka teachers are delighted with the enthusiasm and academic ability of the students.
They are very inquiring and inquisitive, slightly cheeky, love colourful objects and are very keen to learn.
Since its conception in 2005 the Weka team remain a keen and happy bunch of students who love to learn, inquire, investigate, research and play.
Weka students have traditionally been very sporty and we have many trophies from a wide variety of sports to show off.  This is an indication of our excellent team work and the pride they have of Orewa North School.
As a team of teachers we are very proud of our student’s achievements, their behaviour and their attitude. We continue to provide Orewa College with well-rounded, balanced and resilient students that reflect the values they have learnt while being at Orewa North School.




Mr Gillooly (Team Leader)135 / 6
Mrs Burrell (Team Leader)145 / 6
Mrs Le Mouton115 / 6
Mrs Martens115 / 6
Mrs Jury125 / 6

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